Sony Patents Universal Game Controller

All Your Controllers Are Belong To Us!

As seen over on, Sony has filed a patent to develop a universal controller.  As patents go we may never see this in the flesh but it is interesting to see Sony going this route.

From the patent diagram, the controller appears to be an LCD screen that will display buttons according to which system you select.  This idea is not entirely new as we have seen this on multiple Logitech Harmony universal remotes.  But it is a first for video game controllers.

I can’t see this being comfortable to use as a controller though.  Imagine taking your iPhone or iPod Touch and having your controllers button layout on the screen.  Now try to imagine pressing those buttons accurately without looking down at your controller.  Without any physical buttons to press how will you know which button your finger is on.  Now that does not mean there aren’t ways around this.  If they went down an extremely expensive route they could make the screen’s surface morph to the button layout like this. Another way to bypass this problem would to create individual buttons each with it’s own mini-LCD like this keyboard.

We’ll see what the future holds for this patent.

Sony Develops A Universal Game Console Controller | Go Rumors.

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