Super Street Fighter IV Costume Conundrum

SSFIV Cammy costume

Super Street Fighter IV has been out for about 6 months and during that time we have seen the release of several costume packs.  Fans of the 2D fighter probably already know that on October 26th Capcom will be releasing its second batch of costume packs.  But unlike the original set of costumes that came loaded on the game disc, the code for these costumes is part of the download.


Why is this important?  Normally if you have not purchased a costume you will still be able to see your opponents costume in online matches.  But because the code is not included on the disc for this second costume set, if you are fighting someone with a costume you don’t have, they will appear to you in the default outfit instead.

SSFIV Juri Costume

But do not worry, Capcom already has a fix for this.  On the same day of the costume’s release there will be a free download called “Catalogue” that will include all the data so you can properly view your opponents in their bragging-rights costumes.  Currently the Capcom blog only mentions the download being available for the Xbox 360.  We are waiting for further information for the PS3 version.

SSFIV THawk Costume

So costumes or not you will still get to enjoy the same game as everyone else.  Do any of you plan on buying the new costumes?


Written by Bryan

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