The Creator of “The Toxic Avenger” Enlisted For The Gunstringer

If you haven’t seen Twisted Pixel Games upcoming Kinect game, The Gunstringer, then you probably don’t own a Kinect.  For must of us that jumped on the controller-free experience, the games have been sparse and all eyes have been on the on-rails marionette shooter coming from the minds that brought us Splosion Man and The Maw.  For this newest adventure the developers sought help from the film pioneer, Lloyd Kaufman, who ingrained the image of crushed heads in young impressionable minds.

Game director Bill Muehl had little to offer the famed filmmaker when he decided the collaboration would be perfect for The Gunstringer. As Lloyd put it himself;

“So I got a call from Bill here and he said he wanted my help but he didn’t have any money for me. I do that to people all the time so I knew what he was up to. He was trying to use the master’s tricks back on the master!”

He accepted the offer and jumped on board to aid in the already unique story.  As Kaufman put it himself;

“…well it’s been two decades since I gave the world The Toxic Crusaders, the best video game of the 20th century. I’ve waited a long time but The Gunstringer, being a true indie production with a crazy amount of personality, is the right game at the right time for some Troma love. We are making magic together.”

Look for The Gunstringer later this year on XBLA

Source: Twisted Pixel

Written by Bryan

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