The Holidays Are Getting Magical With These Xbox Live Arcade Games

Beginning December 22nd, Microsoft will be releasing the first title in it’s “Games for the Holidays” line-up.  Similar to the “Summer of Arcade” and “Games Feast” this is the winter’s advertised campaign.  But they are trying something new with the trio of games coming out. The three titles to be released will be A World of Keflings, Raskulls and ilomilo on Dec. 22nd, Dec. 29th and Jan. 5th respectively.  The magical part is how these games will all interact with each other if you buy all three.

A World of Keflings is a follow-up to developer NinjaBee’s A Kingdom for Keflings which was one of the first Live Arcade titles to let you use your own avatar as a playable character.  Those familiar with the first title will feel right at home.  Using your avatar you help the tiny Keflings build their lands.  You can even gain help from up to three friends over Xbox Live.  This title almost feels like a mixture of Mario Paint and SimCity where you can get creative with your land or just focus on building everything up.

The other two titles mix into this game with the ability to build homes for either ilo & milo or the Raskulls, thus bringing those characters into your kingdom.  You can then kick them around like the ruthless ruler you are.

Raskulls, developed by Halfbrick is somewhat of an action-platformer and a time-based puzzle game all rolled up into one unique package.  You play as one of multiple Raskulls and are trying to protect the Shiny Stone from Pirats (they are actual rats).  There are a mixture of games modes from story, to multiplayer and even a challenge mode.

The other two games come into play with playable versions of ilo from ilomilo and Doug from A World of Keflings.

Lastly we have the interesting and probably cutest of the three, ilomilo by SouthEnd. A pure puzzle game where ilo and milo are always seperated from each other and your job is to help the two unite again.  The levels are designed with no sense of up or down so it can sometimes get confusing, but that’s the fun of a puzzle game.  There are many obstacles in your path and you must trade off controls often between the two friends/ siblings to ultimately get them to do a little dance together.

This game interacts with the other two by having Raskulls playable in your game or being able to dress up ilo and milo in Kefling clothes.

To unlock any of these game-crossing features you need to simply unlock an achievement in each of the games, hence the need to purchase them.  All these games also contain their own avatar props and avatar items to unlock.

These games look like they will be making the holidays full of surprises with all the bonus content and it makes me happy to see Microsoft support them since they all sport a much more unique visual style then the typical edgy-action curve.

To get a jump on all three games you can purchase Raskulls and ilomilo on Dec.22nd from within A World of Keflings and all games will be 800 MS points.

Written by Bryan

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