Toy Soldiers Set To Signal A Cold War on XBLA

Last year on XBLA, Signal Studios released Toy Soldiers and received great praise among multiple videogame sites.  The game was a mix of action strategy and tower defense that had you defending your territory from waves of enemies and controlling multiple units or ‘toys’ throughout a match.  This first game of theirs was set in the World War I era and really played on the toy box visuals with propaganda posters and decor of a wartime vet covering the room outside the battleground.  The success of the first game has now spawned a second war, a Cold War.

In Toy Soldiers: Cold War it’s the Stars and Stripes (USA) versus the Evil Empire (USSR) fighting both by land and air.  Just like the original there are a multiple vehicles to control but being set in slightly more modern times you can now fly fighter jets, helicopters, drive battle tanks and ATVs.  Turrets now have a secondary fire so you can mow down your foes with grenade launchers, cluster bombs, scopes, missile locks, tactical vision, Overcharge Mode and more!

One of the few things that got some complaints about the first game was the limited options in multiplayer.  The developers listened and now you have many more choices for playing with your friends.  A new Co-op mode will let you play on your couch or over Xbox Live through the Campaign or Survival modes with a friend.  Mini-games will give you the chance to compete for a high score against your friends, with each level containing hidden challenges.

If this all sounds good to you and you are going to be at PAX East this weekend, then you are in luck.  Signal Studios will be showing off the game for the first time to the public and will be playable at the convention.  So be sure to check them out at booth #850, we know we will.

Written by Bryan

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