We Have A New Challenger! (Actually Two)

Two new characters have been revealed for Marvel vs. Capcom 3.  One of them I have been hoping that I would see  added since the game was first announced.  Zero and She-Hulk are now part of the roster.  Zero has always been one of my favorite Capcom characters, and now being able to use him in a fighting game with his Z-Saber is going to be a blast.  The Zero footage is courtesy of GameSpot.

She-Hulk looks like a green version of Trish, but is distinguished by her car tossing super moves.  I personally have no interest in this new character but it is nice to see some more obscure Marvel love.  The video for She-Hulk is courtesy of IGN.

The more characters that get announced for this game make me more upset this is not coming out until next year.  It’s really shaping up to be an amazing 2D fighter and possibly the best VS game yet.

Written by Bryan

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