A Cutman Above The Rest

Something amazing happened at PAX East this year and now that things have settled down I’d like to introduce you to the man behind the beats that were hitting me that fateful day.  DJ Cutman was spreading his music on the third floor of the convention center and as I was recharging my phone on a nearby outlet, my ears awoke with a mix of hip hop and Mega Man.  As I looked over I saw what looked like Cutman from the Mega Man series, but instead of a blade on his helmet he wore a vinyl record.

DJ Cutman Mixing It Up

If you are at all a fan of classic retro music then you’ll enjoy DJ Cutman’s Mixes.  I’ve heard quite a lot of chiptunes over the years but nothing that ever made me enjoy hip hop at the same time.  The beats are mixed so well that I think it improves both ends, the retro 8-bit music and the Hip Hop tune.  Not all of his music uses this mixture, but all of it is pure awesome.  If you get a chance go check out his homepage here or become a fan on his facebook here.  Check out a sampling below and let us know if you can name all the games sampled.


Written by Bryan

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  1. Hamu-chan says:

    I love it for myself but now I see Bryan writing his articles listning to DJ Cut man’s music all the time!

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