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For years now I have been purchasing video games from a very prominent video game retailer. Being that this store is nation wide no matter where I have lived I always found one to frequent.  I must say that over the years something I have learned about these stores is that they usually employ gamers. That being said, not only is it fun to walk in and talk games with them it can end up helping you. Several years ago when I knew PS3 would be launching I was crazy with excitement. I knew I had to have it being the PS fan I am. unfortunately the game store was being very complicated when it came to reserving the PS3. So what did I do you may ask? Well knowing the manager for years and purchasing hundreds if not thousands of dollars of games and hardware from this one store I did what anyone else would do. I asked him what it would take for me to be guaranteed a unit on the day of release. Because of our friendship and numerous game conversations he told me it wouldn’t be an issue and to just give him $50 bucks and he would make sure I received it. On the date of the launch I was present at the store hours before they opened but I already knew I would get it. I still have my launch 60GB model and it works great. And I have my close ties to this game store to thank. Over the years other favors have been granted to me but this was by far the best. So just remember that frequenting the same store and making nice nice with managers and employees can sometimes get you extra kick backs!

Written by Kyo13

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