Are Game Consoles Losing Form?

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One thing I’m sure many of you have noticed is how video game consoles are slowly turning into multimedia hubs.  Both Sony and Microsoft have slowly made the transition, after multiple firmware updates, that have turned their systems from pure gaming into entertainment centers that can also play your games if you choose.    

At first I loved the idea.  “You mean I can stream my music on my computer while playing Halo 3?…Awesome.” Knowing that my console can be updated with new features even years after it came out gave me hope for this generation.  Maybe these consoles will last more then 5 years.  But the updates did not stop and it began to look more like a pissing match between Microsoft and Sony then anything useful to the fans.  Nintendo even tries to get in on the action, but with the limited power it doesn’t quite hit as hard as the other two.  Now when I start my Xbox360 I’m presented with ads.  It’s so confusing why I am paying for an Xbox Live subscription when I am bombarded with ads right on the dashboard of my console.  Sony is a different monster.  I like the free service and no ads approach, but it feels like a mish-mosh of features that I will never use.  Why would I try to view world news from the PS3 when I can hop on my computer in less time.  And don’t get me started on Playstation Home.  Sony, please don’t tell me your wasting development hours on this social networking experiment.  

Now that I got that off my shoulders, I love all my game consoles (let me emphisize game).  But when I throw in my copy of Uncharted or Left 4 Dead,  I want to play my game…Now.  My game consoles are distracting me from actually playing the games they are meant for.  I can easily let 30 minutes fly by looking at a new trailer or seeing how I can win money from McDonalds.  At the end of the day it’s frustrating to know that time could have just been spent in the game I wanted to play in the first place.  

I know what your going to say.  There are options to make the game play first when I boot my system.  And you would be right.  That would easily save me from these frustrations.  But sadly, as much I hate all these distractions I also feel left out if I don’t keep up to date.  It’s a love/hate relationship I guess.  

So what will the future reveal bring for our favorite systems?  Do you also find the added features a nuisance?  Or do you want your game console to make dinner for you in the next firmware update?  Let us know how you feel in the comments below.

Written by Bryan

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