Dissection Of Bad Box Art – Mega Man

Mega Man Boxart

I think I Just Threw Up A Little!

With the start of a possible series here at Sit Sam, we are going to look at some of the worst box art in video game history.  And what better to kick it off then a well know favorite, Mega Man.  Released in the US in December of ’87,  Mega Man (known as Rockman in Japan) was introduced to the world on the NES.  Developed by Capcom, this little blue bomber would see countless sequels and guest appearances.  Luckily though Capcom can attribute its success to the gameplay and not to the artists rendering on the game’s box.  Let’s dissect this atrocious excuse of a video game cover, shall we.

Mega Man Hand Gun

After gaining back my vision from staring at this nightmare, the first thing that jumps out is the gun.  Obviously the artist did not spend a single second with the game, otherwise they would have noticed Mega Man’s gun is attached to his arm.  The Mega Buster is part of what makes Mega Man iconic and without it he would simple look like a space marine in a bright blue suit.  The gun is not even a plasma gun for Christ sake.

Mega Man Old Man

Next is the apparent age of Mega Man.  Now the naming might have thrown the artist in the wrong direction, but anyone who has played the game or read the manual would know Mega Man is a boy.  This squinty eyed, middle-aged man does not fit Mega Man’s description.  Who could this colorblind space warrior be?  Has he become constipated from running around this apparently tropical planet?  Sadly we may never know.

Mega Man Fortress

Lastly comes the artists rendering of what I can only assume is Dr. Wily’s fortress.  I see no signs of a skull so this may possibly be just a random city being blown up.  But either way I seem to recognize those buildings.  That’s because it looks like something I may have drawn in my 3rd grade art class.  It reminds me of attempting to draw a 3-d buildings.  Often I’d mistakenly leave out a line and end up with an impossible reality like a M.C. Escher painting.

As we’ve seen with Capcom’s latest retro Mega Man releases of 9 and 10, they are aware of the meme that is Mega Man’s box art.  It’s always nice to see when a company can create a joke out of it’s previous short comings.

As always, leave us your thoughts in the comments below and let us know what other video game box art you would like us to cover in future articles.

Written by Bryan

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