Holiday Gifts For Gamers

With the holidays fast approaching, the malls are becoming more crowded and people are emptying their wallets.  Ahhh, the holiday season.  The time of year when little kids get to scream like maniacs, opening up that brand new system Christmas morning.

For those that are looking to buy a gift for that gamer in their life, it can be difficult to find the perfect one.  Well I would like to help those in need by giving you some gift ideas.  As a gamer myself, I find that I have already gotten the games I want prior to Christmas, so this guide contains videogame related ideas.

Hand Made Goods $0-$100

Image Courtesy of NerdJerk on Etsy

Image Courtesy of NerdJerk on Etsy

Depending on whether you have some artistic skills or not, this gift may not cost more then the supplies.  On the other hand there is still an option for those that do not have the skills on hand.  Etsy is like eBay for handmade goods and has plenty of goods with gamers in mind.   A few of my favorites are from users 8BitMemory, Digital Soaps, TheClayCollection, and NerdJerk.  It’s easy to find items related to almost any game.

Reading Material $10-$30

There are lots of books out there when it comes to video games, both fiction and non-fiction.  I find myself to be a light reader, but when it comes to the books on my list, I can’t put the books down.  It’s always nice to have a good book on your nightstand or when the power goes out and none of those electronics, that gamers worship, work.  Here are my favorites:

There are many others and you may even be able to find some on Kindle or other e-readers if that is their reading style.

Gaming Peripherals $30-$200

Every gamer has one thing in common, they all need something to game with.  Whether that be a controller, mouse, headset, or the hands-free Kinect.  Some choose to go the default route and play with what comes out of the box.  But if they are anything like me, there is always something better out there.  An upgraded headset like the Turtle Beach Ear Force X41 will not only improve the experience of their game but also the ears of those maybe living in the same house.  For the PC gamers, the Logitech MX 518 has a good feature set with programmable buttons and adjustable dpi but also comes in at an affordable price around $50.

Gaming Cash $As Much As You Want

There are some many ways to buy games nowadays and it’s easy to give them the gift without looking thoughtless with a card and cash.  Each console has its own version of digital downloads and with that comes gift cards.  Xbox 360 has Microsoft Points. Sony has easy to calculate Playstation Network Cards. And Wii has Nintendo Points.  These are just a few of the options but they will allow your friend or family member to keep getting the games they love while allowing them to choose which games they want.

Shopping can be quite stressful this time of year but hopefully this gives you some ideas when searching for the perfect gift for that gamer in your life.  Good luck and happy holidays!

Written by Bryan

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  1. Hamu-chan says:

    Here’s another great idea for a gift. Guinness World Records Gamers Edition 2011
    I think this book has a lot of fun facts for gamers. I have the 2010 edition.

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  2. Babs says:

    Great Job!!!!!!!!!! This is VERY helpful!!!!!

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