IPad, Go Back To The Drawingboard

The New MaxIPad

This week Apple finally laid rest to the year long rumors of a tablet computer in the works. After holding a press conference they answered many questions but left most people still wondering why they NEED an IPad.The IPad (as Apple has official named it) is very similar in design to the IPod Touch. It has a large touch screen and a single home button on the front. The device weights about 1.5 lbs and has a 10″ screen. As with the IPhone or IPod Touch, the functionality is found in the apps you download from Apple’s App store. But what makes this any different from the IPod Touch? Well, it will make you look like a dwarf holding and IPod Touch. It will also leave you wondering how to fit it in your pocket. Basically there are no differences. And that’s why I’m left feeling disappointed and confused.

After the hype train got me all excited for this device, I was hoping to get something as useful as a laptop and better then my IPod Touch. It can’t display Flash on websites, it can’t multi-task, and there isn’t even a web cam. Now, I am still a geek and if this thing was priced under $200 I’d buy it in a heart beat.  But not at $499 (lowest price for 16GB model).  Not to say that isnt a low price for all the technology crammed in there.  But, Apple hasn’t convinced me I need an IPad.  Nor have they convinced me that I would have fun playing games on it.  

At the press conference Apple also made a big push for gaming on the IPad.  With developers, including EA, giving a look at how much better  bigger games will look on the device, it still showed the biggest flaw with using any of Apple’s touch screens for gaming.  In order to control most games you need to place your fingers on the screen, blocking sight from the game itself.  The only games that work well are ones that feel like cheap flash games.  And I can just play those on my computer for free anyway. 

So who plans to buy an IPad in 60 days?  Do you feel Apple left out too many things in this new product?  Let us know how you feel in the comments.

Written by Bryan

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