Mega Man Legends 3 to Christen the 3DS Nintendo eShop

When it comes to listening to it’s fans, Capcom has kept both ears wide open during the development of Mega Man Legends 3.  Announced to be coming out on the 3DS during the Nintendo World 2011 conference in Japan, fans will be able to once again hop into the Legend world after 10 years.

The big news though is that when the Nintendo eShop launches next month, fans will be able to download a “Prototype Version” of the game to get a taste of how it is turning out.

From the looks of the screenshots you will be exploring open worlds and dungeons just like in the originals.  The demo will also introduce you to a new character, Barrett (not from FFVII), a reckless leader of a sky biker gang.

After finishing the main missions you will gain access to additional unfinished areas as well as a debug menu, which really shows how Capcom wants its fans to co-develop this game.

Capcom also wants gamers to head on over to the Dev Room at after finishing the Prototype Version so you give your own opinions and get involved with the team at Capcom.

This game should shape up to be exactly what the fans want for another Legends installment with all their input and collaboration.  The Nintendo eShop launches next month in May.

Written by Bryan

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