PAX East 2012 Live Blog Day 2

We’re back again for another exciting day at PAX East. I’ll be posting as much as we can cover of the show floor and interviews throughout the day, with more in-depth articles to come later. So sit back, keep hitting that refresh button and enjoy!


8:20AM – In line today with many excited gamers, some of them it being their first day of PAX East. These queue lines will soon be completely filled.



9:00AM – The line keeps getting longer and the activities are getting started. Tons of beachballs are flying around the crowd.

10:30AM – Finished up playing the Borderlands 2 demo. The art style still looks amazing and I can’t wait to jump into co-op with my friends later this year. The amount of upgradeable options really makes the difference between this and all the other co-op shooters. Plus who doesn’t love blowing up giant alien bugs.

12:00PM – Just wrapped up a play through of A Valley Without Wind from Arcen Games. If you like Castlevania/Metroid style gameplay with a heavy layer of RPG elements than you should definitely give it a try.

12:55PM – Next up is some time with Guacamelee! from drinbox studios. More to come after my playthrough in a bit.

1:30PM – Guacamelee! is an action 2-D sidescoller that has it’s story set in Mexican folklore.  You use your trigger buttons to shift between ‘the land of the living’ and ‘the land of the dead’ to solve puzzles and fight enemies.  I also liked the special power that let me transform into a chicken to dart into small spaces.  The game is still in development so no platforms have been announced yet.  Co-op play is also included and requires teamwork to get through some of the puzzles.

2:15PM – COSPLAY!  We’ve been taking many pictures during PAX East of the many coplayers.  Here’s just a taste of a few.  Later we will post a contest to vote for the best cosplay of PAX so check back.


3:10PM – FireFalls booth seems to get more elaborate with every PAX. Caught these guys posing for photos on my way to an appointment.


3:20PM – I saw people getting tattooed here yesterday, I say mohawks are are much less regretful.

4:45PM – Had some free time so I decided to see what panels were available and low and behold, Dan Amrich has a panel Community Management 2012: Game Journos Living in Captivity. Should be interesting to see the views from former journalists now on the other side, working for publishers and developers.

6:30PM – Great panel! I especially enjoyed Brett Elston’s comments on how his love for Mega Man and position in Capcom haven’t always agreed but he still focuses on the important reasons to celebrate his passion. While some may call the transition from game journalist to community manager for developers as “going to the darkside” or “selling out” it’s nice to hear that companies are hiring the right people for their voice.

7:30PM – That about warps it up. All that’s left for tonight is this.


Written by Bryan

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