Power Shift

Servin' Up A Flame Broiled Can Of Kick-Ass

The world of gaming changed a few years back with the debut of today’s current console giants. For the last few years Nintendo has ruled and Microsoft has been in second, with Sony a distant third.
The tables have finally turned. While sales of the other two consoles have slowed Sony has picked up some serious steam with the PS3 & PSP selling very well. What could be spurring these new sales? Software of course silly! For a long time now Sony had two things working against it 1. Price  2. Software. With the release of the PS3 slim and the price cut, sony solved their first problem. And now in 2010 we are getting games that are just not available on any other system. God of War is a huge success and even though FF13 is on Xbox, the better version is on PS3.
What does this mean for the gaming public? Nothing but good news as far as I’m concerned. With Sony stepping it up, so will the other two companies. That means we will see a plethora of new software for each system in the coming year. What more could a gamer want? So my fellow gamers, be very excited becasue we are about to be treated with a very special new year, and you can thank the Power Shift to Sony for that!

Written by Kyo13

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