The Fall of Final Fantasy

Final Fantasy No More

Many years ago a game called Final Fantasy 7 turned the gaming world on it’s head. Years later and numerous sequels later Final Fantasy still brings to mind some of the best in JRPGs. Unfortunately in this gamers opinion Final Fantasy no longer merits the lavish praise it used to recieve.FFVII boxart
In 2010 we have seen Final Fantasy 13 be released and most official reviews scored the game well but all basically had the same critcisim and that was “this isn’t Final Fantasy”. It seems the days of leveling, epic story telling and item management are over. These have been dumped for a fast paced action oriented gaming experince more reminiscent of DMC then a JRPG. And just as my hopes had been lifted a little with Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light being announced, they have come crashing down. Most reviews are reporting that the game is a sub par effort with a flawed approach to making a real nostalgic Final Fantasy game. From a life long fan of this epic franchise I can honestly say that I do believe that when Hironobu Sakaguchi left SquareEnix to form his own company he took the essence of Final Fantasy with him. In my opinion, it has been since FF10 that a great game was released in the franchise. These days there is a lot of competition and SquareEnix has lost it’s creative touch for making legendary Final Fantasy games the way they used to.

Written by Kyo13 

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