The Polls Are Closed And The Winner Is…

Hurray For Chocobo

Little Baby Chocobo.  With his/her comic relief and choosing Sazh’s afro as a place to nest, this chick has won the hearts of our readers (says little about FFXIII’s story).  This is the first time we have seen a Chocobo be given so many character traits outside of the specific Chocobo games.  Some how defying gravity, it shows its loyalty and chases after Sazh by flying with its little chicken wings (wonder if a Chocobo tastes like chicken).

Baby Chocobo Wins!

Congratulations Baby Chocobo, you have earned the first SitSam Poll Award!  Honor it like a WWE wrestler honors his prize belt, not quite real but it’s nice to pretend.

A new poll is up.  Let us know your thoughts about the Nintendo 3DS.

Written by Sam

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  1. Hamu-chan says:

    Chokobo——- I love you!!!

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