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This year Sam and I really enjoyed watching Sons of Anarchy and seeing how this season is over, it got me thinking about how a motorcycle always makes things more bad-ass. So in honor of our favorite show this year we are counting down the top 5 games with a motorcycle sequences.

Now to be clear when putting this list together we did not include any games that had motorcycles as the main component.  These are only games that had either a side event or mini game with a motorcycle.

#5 Tomb Raider: Legend (Xbox360/PS3)  –  One thing that i remember most about this game  was the motorcycle sequence.  It was unique simply because most of my memories of tomb raider were of the awful controls that were in game after game.  But when this level came up and you were suddenly moving quickly through the terrain and gunning down enemies at the same time,  it was a brief sigh of relief from the rest of the game.  Unfortunately that’s all it was, and once you got back to the main game it was all downhill again.  This game only made it onto the list because it was a great example how a motorcycle can still kick ass in dreadful game.

#4 Grand Theft Auto Series (Multiple Formats)  –  When GTA3 first arrived on Playstation 2 it was a breakthrough in so many ways.  It introduced many gamers to sandbox style worlds.  It also gave people a sense of freedom to choose where to go and what missions to do.  One of the biggest components was all the vehicles you could choosesteal.  But one missing was the motorcycle.  Then came GTA: Vice City…. and motorcycles.  Being able to use the motorcycle opened up all new ways to play.  Zooming down side streets, popping wheelies, and shooting your gun straight forward while driving.  It definitely upped the bad-assness to the series.

#3 No More Heroes (Wii) –  What can I say about this game.  Written by Goichi Suda (AKA Suda51) the story is about an assassin hunting other assassins.  He fights with a beam katana (think light saber) which he won in an internet auction and raises money through ridiculous mini-games.  The motorcycle in this game is called Schpeltiger and is your transportation between missions.  This game had a strong anime art style and when you first get a look at Travis’ ride you get a good sense of how the rest of this game is playing out.  The over-the-top bike would make even a veteran biker cry.  One wrong move and you would probably be laying on the pavement, crushed by your own hog.  But it’s Suda51’s style and it works.

#2 Metal Gear Solid 4 (PS3) – This had to be one of the most exciting chase sequences of the game.  Played out as part cutscene and part on-rails shooter, you have to avoid raging ravens missiles while shooting down as many enemies as possible that are blocking your escape path.  Just like so many parts of this game, this scene has multiple points of significance.  First of all you are essentially riding away with your mother in a race to protect Solidus Snake’s Big Boss’ body. Secondly this scene brings up two memorable points in the MGS history, riding with Meryl at the end of MGS1 and in MGS: Snake Eater when EVA/Big Mama crashes her bike. 

#1 Final Fantasy VII (PS1)  –  This game holds so many memories for me.  It was the first final fantasy to be brought to life with 3d graphics and CG cutscenes.  It was also one of the more memorable Final Fantasy stories (and most marketed by Squenix).  But nothing can top the moment when cloud steals a Shinra bike, bursts out a window and rides out of Midgar to give players their first glimpse of the world.  It was amazing at the time because the CG scenes gave gamers a chance to just sit back and enjoy the gorgeous visuals.  But it makes #1 just because jumping out of 3rd story window onto a highway while riding a bike is….BADASS!

So that wraps up this Top5.  Do you have any memorable motorcycle games?  Is there anything missing from our list you would have included?  Let us know in the comments below.

Written by Bryan

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