Video Game Cosplay Gone Wrong

This is a serious health warning!  What you are about to see may make you vomit a little.

If you are unaware of what cosplay is, it comes from the japanese word  ???? (kosupure) which is a shortened version of costume play.  Basically it entails the act of fans dressing up in costumes of their favorite videogame or anime characters. It can also cover other genres but mostly covers these two areas.  Usually the costumes can be seen at conventions and are extremely detailed.  The cosplayers also will act or pose the parts essentially becoming that character.  At PAX East last year we saw plenty of well crafted cosplay and hope to see more of the same professionalism this year.

But this is the opposite of all of that.  What I have stumbled upon over on “The Worst” blog is a collection of some of the worlds most disturbing cosplay ever known to man.

Take Chun-Li here for example.

I understand that in Street Fighter, Chun-Li is known for her manly large leg muscles.  But never once did I see shooting up steroids and growing leg hair.

Then we have dear old Sonic the Hedgehog.  A character that really should never be cosplayed because of his disproportionate sizes and the fact that you may be mistaken for a furry.

For some reason this individual felt that three different colors of construction paper were suitable enough to put together a Sonic costume.  The blue hedgehog never looked so trapped in 2D.  Somebody put him out of his misery.

Link is a common character to seen performed by cosplayers.  In every iteration of the Legend of Zelda series, the hero of time is portrayed as a young boy or at least young adult with pale skin and an elf like appearance.

Instead we are presented with Link the hobo, fighting the enemies of Hyrule in search of his next bottle of booze.  Maybe he was going for Evil Link

Everyone is evil when they have a goatee.

Finally I bring to you another Street Fighter combatant.  He’s big and ready to take on the Shadaloo.  I present to you E Honda.

Try to remove that image from your mind.

If you haven’t tortured yourself enough, head on over to The Worst and check out more awful cosplay as well as some bad video game box art.

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Written by Bryan

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  1. Dillon Neighbors says:

    lol. you should see some of the people complying Zelda. she’s supposed to be a beautiful descendant of a goddess. vein cosplayed by 400 lb girls with hairy armpits @.@

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    • Bryan says:

      Cosplay wasn’t as bad this year at PAX East. Some serious effort was put behind this years costumes.

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  2. WTF!!!!?!?!

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  3. Sorana Gatej says:

    WOW, those are scary! I’m not sure why a hairy man would want to dress like a woman video game character, but if those men are the same ones that complain about not being able to get a date, well, I think it’s pretty self-explanatory. If you’re doing it just to humiliate yourself, then power to you man! The pics, however, temporarily make me go blind, other symptoms include self-induced lobotomy and frequent panic attacks.

    Here’s one for the collection!

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