Watch Out! “Ninja Attack!” Review

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If you enjoyed Arcade Mania or Japanese Schoolgirl Confidential by Brian Ashcraft then we have a new book to add to your bookshelf.  Very similar to the style of Brian’s writing, Matt Alt and his wife Hiroko Yoda have put together a tell-all on the secrets of the ninja and the tales they left behind.

Ninja Attack! goes about trying to dispel the Hollywood image of ninja and give you a as much truth as possible behind the contract killers and assassins.  But don’t mistake this for a history lesson.  If you are a fan of anime, video games or ninja flicks, the authors make every attempt to bridge the gaps and tell the true tales of your favorite characters.  Take example Jiraiya and Tsunade.  Did you know these two were not simply creations of the anime “Naruto” but have been captivating the Japanese since 1806?

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Second to the writing are the amazing illustrations by Yutaka Kondo.  Each ninja is brought to life through a unique art style that feels Japanese and rough around the edges.  As one who doesn’t have much time to read many novels, I found myself wanting to read this book every chance I got.  The one-two punch of excellent writing and captivating artwork really makes this book hard to put down.  The additional pictures of real weapons used by ninja and how a ninja house was designed only help fill in the spaces between each amazing tale.

Ninja Attack

The book is divided up into six main chapters; Ninja’s Ninja, Ninja Gone Bad, Ninja Magic, Ninja Rivals, Ninja Users, and The Ninja Destroyer.  Each chapter pertains to a different type of ninja or those that were closely tied to the clandestine people.

So if you fantasize about assassins dressed in black, watch Naruto religiously, or just think it’s cool to be able to throw a shuriken, then this book is definitely a must read.

Check out the Matt Alt on hist website here and buy his book here.

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