Assassins Creed 2 review! Again???

Assassin's Creed II: Discovery

Portable Assassination

Many of my fellow gamers out there may have over looked a game that released recently Assassin’s Creed II. ¬†No I haven’t lost my mind, I’m aware that the game was a hit and reviewed by every video game media outlet out there. I’m speaking about AC2’s little brother AC2: Discovery on DSi. Taking place in between chapters of the PS3 release, AC2: Discovery may seem like a whack spin off, but it’s not. This game is one of the better side-scrollers I have played. Ezio is off to Espana (that’s Spain for you Americans) and he is there to spoil what else? Yes he is there to kick Templar butt. Now the best part of this game is how easy it is to play. The controls are tight, the game is fun and it looks pretty good on your DSi. It also helps fill in plot holes of AC2. If you love Assassin’s Creed as I do, this is a good buy. Especially because I can bet it was over looked and has already found it’s way in to the bargain bin at your local game retailer!

Written by Kyo13

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