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Hamu-chan Plays Ja-Pan

Hello again!?Today Hamu-chan would like to talk about another DS game “Ja-Pan”. In Japanese they call bread “Pan”. So Ja-Pan is a play on words.  This is a board game similar to monopoly, but with recipes instead of properties. You select your character, make bread and become a Master Baker.

Roll the dice and move your character, every space has some kind of event such as getting food, collecting cards, obtaining items. Food spaces have different categories such as fish, fruits, imports, and dairy…etc. Depending on which space you stop at, you get different products to make a new bread recipes or improve your own bread. When you create your bread, you can also build a store to sell your bread. When other players stop at your store, you can collect money from them depending on your “bread level”. You can also battle with other players when they land on your space. Whoever gets the most money during the battle wins.

This game is very simple and it’s fun to make crazy unrealistic bread!  You can make many diffrents breads such as the traditional Curry Pan to the silly and crazy bread shaped like Japan or a rice bagel. It is a little hard to unlock special breads but you can still enjoy this game.

This game is based on a comic series that ran from 2001-2007 and anime on TV from 2004-2006. Also many of these bread ended up becoming real items sold in bakeries in Japan!

Written by Hamu-chan

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  1. robbobrob says:

    If you make bread will that make you a Master Chief? Hahaha get it chef….chief. ha. Halo Rules

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