Hamu-Chan’s Japan Imports Vol.3 “??????” the “Picross 3D”

Picross 3D

Hamu-Chan Plays Picross 3D

Hi everyone, its Hamu-chan’s Japanese game review time again!  Today I’m introducing this Nintendo DS puzzle game called “??????” or “Picross 3D”.  I absolutely loves this game. I always love to play ????(Picross) games, either on a console or with pencil and paper.  But this one is 3D and  it makes the game more complex but FUN! Picross (also known as O’ekaki) is a game that’s been around for awhile.  By using a grid-box spreadsheet you are presented with numbers on the top and side.  These numbers help you determine which boxes are either filled in or left empty.  It has a similar logic to Sudoku but the ultimate goal is to draw a picture.  In Pircross 3D you are performing the same task but now with an X, Y, and Z plane.  This adds a new difficulty but also makes the resulting pictures more interesting.

Pencil and Paper

Each puzzle picture you finish turns out to be a surprisingly colorful 3D animation.  You have no idea what pictures you are making until the puzzle is complete.  All the pictures you make goes to the “Gallery” and they are separated by common themes such as “Music” and “Sports”. There are 80 categories total and when you return to a picture you completed you can watch the animation again.

Picross 3D

Try to beat the clock!

There are 4 levels of difficulty from beginner to. There are also additional settings where you can change the MISS and TIME.  MISS is how many mistakes you are allowed before you lose.  Each level of difficulty has 10 stages, each one having 10 pictures to make.  And after the 10th picture you are presented with a “Big challenge”, which is just what it sounds like, a HUGE picture.

This is a very addicting game and it’s easy to play for short sessions (or lose track of time and play for a couple hours). If you like puzzle games, I know you will like this too.   For people who are interested about this game but can’t read Japanese, I have a good news for you.  This DS game coming to the US!  The date is MAY 3rd!  So Have FUN making all the different pictures!

You can pre-order your copy here.

Or if your more interested in the old fashion pencil and paper style…

Written by Hamu-chan

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