Japan Imports Vol.1 – “Bakudan Shori-Han” DS

Hi! I'm Hamu-chan

Hi! This is a first entry in reviews for Japanese game. I will be your host Hamu-chan? and hope you find interest reading about these games that may never cross the US coast. Some of them are too Japanesey and some of them are too foreign. Let’s see, today I want to talk about “Bakudan Shori0Han” which means “Bomb Busters”


In this game, you play as a new member of the “Bomb Buster’s” company. Bert, the main character you control in the game, has a code name as B2. (B1 and original B2 have died from mistaken release of a bomb).  There are 8 short stories. Each story is located on either a airplane, train, ship or in the desert…..  You must find the bomb quickly and diffuse the bomb to save people with your support operator “Apollo” and Mecha dog “Dino”.  This is a DS game, so naturally you will use the touch pen to unscrew bolts, laser cut and slice the cords. Not only do you diffuse  the bomb, there are many mini games where you cross the desert with land mines under the sand or find the clues of terrorists…etc…

It’s fun to play this game and each story is not long, so you can play a little by little in bed before you fall sleep and you’ll have a dream of yourself  defusing  bombs and saving people!!!

Written by Hamu-chan

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