Final Act??

As of last night I finally completed God of War: Ghost of Sparta. Without wasting too much time, as there are numerous reviews out there, I will say that this is by far the best game on PSP and one of the best in the series. Kratos looks spectacular on the small screen and the gameplay was equally amazing!

This game really did bridge the gap between the first two games. But as the credits rolled I actually kind of felt sad inside. The reason being, is that this might very well have been the last time we see Kratos. He showed up on the scene only a few short years ago but he became a video game legend. He is by far one of the most iconic protagonists of our time. And this gamer is going to miss him if this was really the last game. People will say it’s odd to get emotionally attached to something that does not exist. But that is exactly how I feel with Kratos and how could I not? When you follow this character through all his trials and tribulations you realize that you become him.

You want revenge against the gods because they have wronged you. We all can relate to this story anyway, just see our current state of affairs in the USA. ┬áThe government seems to be in league with Mt. Olympus if you know what I mean. Back to the point I implore Sony, Stig, Ru,┬ápleeeeeease don’t end the tale of Kratos. The gaming public loves him and wants to see him in the future. Heck if it ain’t broke don’t fix it! Somewhere out there exists somebody who can continue the tale of Kratos, because I believe he is too deep of a character to be done in such a short period of time. If you agree with my point of view, give me some feed back because that is the only way to convince the suits to green light future GOW games. Till next time this is Kyo signing off!

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