Hamu-chan’s Japan Imports Vol.7 “????”?”Puyo Puyo”

Puyo Puyo Hamu-chan

Hamu-Chan Enjoying some Puyo Pop Fever

Hello everyone. It’s time for Hamu-chan’s Japanese game review.  The game today I’ll introduce is call “Puyo Puyo”. In this column usually I introduce the Japanese games which will not be released in the US (because of the weirdness, too much Japanese culture, etc…) However this game has been released on the DS, PSP and GameCube in US. So some of you may have heard of or played it before.

Puyo Puyo has a long history, which first came out in 1991 and is still seeing releases. This is a puzzle game and it was created by Masamitsu “Moo” Niitani, the founder of Compile, who was inspired by certain elements from the Tetris and Dr. Mario series of games.

Puyo Gameplay Wii

This game has many versions. It has constantly been changing gameplay modes and adding characters to the series. When this game came out as just a simple puzzle game, you played against at least one opponent (human or computer). Then they added the single player mode which included the story. Then some of the Puyo Puyo series even had an RPG mode.  The RPG story is basically about a girl trying to save the word that Satan wishes to take over. So she goes around getting information and buying items, like a regular RPG game.  She fights with the monsters using weapons on the field but when she fights with the stage boss, the Puyo match begins. You have to win the Puyo match to beat the boss.

Puyo Characters

So wait a minute…What is “PUYO”?  Puyo, are little gelatinous creatures with cute humongous eyes that fall from the top of the screen (think Tetrominoes). Puyos have different colors.  Most of the time they are red, yellow, blue, green and purple as shown below in their plush, huggable, real-life versions.


You want to put the same color Puyos together by moving them left, right and rotating them clockwise and counterclockwise 90 degrees. When you get 4 Puyos together, they disappear. When you make many Puyos erase by chaining them together they create Ojyama Puyo or “Skeleton Puyo” and they drop onto your opponents screen, interrupting them from erasing their own Puyo.

Hamu-chan grew up with Puyo Puyo. I used to play this game at the local Game Center in Japan and also on the original Playstation system. It is very addicting and anybody who has played Tetris all night would feel the same way.

Written by Hamu-chan

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  1. Hamu-chan says:

    I taught my grandmother this game and she loved it…. and she got a little addicted. Everytime when I went to see her, we played together. Then 5 years ago, my grandmother who was 77 at that time beat me and I was 25………

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  2. t-moto says:

    haven’t played “puyo puyo” for a while…..

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