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Time To Cook Some Meat

Haven’t written an article for a looooong time! But Hamu-chan is back for another Japanese game review. Today I am going to review Yakitori-Girl “?????-?????”. This game is very old. It came out back in 2002 on PS. Hamu-chan bought this from the Japanese PSN store for 600 yen(about $6).  This is listed as a gourmet action title!? The story starts with a father and daughter who own a Yakitori bar. It is reminiscent of an old traditional yakitori bar.  In the very beginning the father dies………..and is reborn as a CHICKEN (yah, that part confused me too) to teach the daughter the techniques of yakitori and to keep the bar in business.

The gameplay works like this; depending on the customer, they order different Yakitori and you have to make their order within the time limit.  You have to be careful not to burn the food otherwise you will lose points.  You have to make each customer happy and full. The story is very short and after you complete the game you unlock a free mode. In this mode you continue to make yakitori and recieve items for filling up the customers stomachs. (refrigerators, posters, fish tanks, paper menus, wooden menus, different BGMs, and many more….)  The items allow you to customize your bar to make it a bit more personal.

This game is fun at first but starts to lose it’s replay value after gaining many of the items.  For comparison, those that have played Cooking Mama will see similarities in this game.  One credit I give to this game is the yakitori looks realistic and makes my little stomach growl like a lion.  But the graphics for every thing else may feel a little dated.

I give this game a 7 out of 10 yakitori.  Check out some gameplay below.

Written by Hamu-chan

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