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Hello everyone. This is another time for the Hamu-chan’s Japanese import game review. This time the game is “???????” “Last bullet”.   You may already know by the name, its a Shooting adventure game (the developer says its a mystery game) . It came last year in April 2009.  This is a 1-player DS game about the ordinary girl Hibiki Karin and her growning up as a sniper.

Last Bullet 1

In the beginning Hibiki is trying to enjoy her college life after she suffered from her father’s disappearance.  She also lost her mother when she was younger.  Then a man named Tsukasa appears in front of her and her past tragedies come back to haunt her.  A mysterious dark organization is aiming to take her life and to survive while protecting the people around her, she entered the fray as a sniper.

Last Bullet 2

At first I was a little amused by the story however I changed my mind when the action started. You play by aiming your rifle on the top screen and search for the target through the scope in the bottom screen, ultimately to shoot the enemy. It sounds very simple but it gets harder with bad weather, multiple targets, shooting from a helicopter at another helicopter, and aiming at enemies that hide behind somebody you love. Some of the missions are tough to shoot the target perfectly. I bought this game as an easy coffee time game, however it turned to be a very addictive game keeping me up late at night trying to snipe the enemies.

Unfortunately this game contains a lot of story in Japanese so it makes it a difficult game to play without some Japanese proficiency.  Hopefully this game may see a translation in the future but because the story has a strong Japanese style it may be awhile before we see a US release.

Written by Hamu-chan

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