I Must Run! – PSP Mini Review

So if you haven’t noticed the site has been a little barren of new content lately.  That is mostly due to the fact that I am now a father and trying to get time to game or even write can be quite difficult (especially in these early sleepless weeks).  But i managed to squeeze in a game that I found easy to pick-up and play and often when only one hand was available.

I Must Run! is a PSP Mini and has recently been posted on the PSN for free if you are a Playstation Plus subscriber.  As with anything free I downloaded it but didn’t get around to playing it immediately.  Then last night after getting my son to finally fall asleep in my arms I found myself in a predicament.  Either I attempt to stand up and move him to the crib, possibly waking him, or I grab the Dual Shock 3 sitting next to me and try to play a game with only one hand.

Now I knew very well that no full PS3 game would allow me to achieve this, so I scrolled on over to the ever growing list of PSP Minis that I have gotten all free through Playstation Plus.  I Must Run! was first on the list and from the title alone sounded like it had to be in the “runner” genre much like the flash game Canabalt.  And I was correct!  The game has only one play mode.  The game immediately starts with a man in a prison uniform running on rooftops and you are only given 3 controls; jump, slide and punch.  The level is constantly moving so there is no need to control your characters movement.

Your objective is simply get as high a score as possible.  You do this be surviving longer, punching obstacles, and landing jumps close to ledges.  The longer you last without bumping into things the higher your score multiplier becomes, but this also means your speed will continue to increase.  You die when you either fall into a pit or miss sliding under a wall.  As I soon discovered, dying means starting from the beginning.  The are no extra lives, checkpoints or saves.  So this means if you manage to reach level 3 and miss a jump, it’s all the way back to square one for you.

I was only able to get to level 2 in my one-handed playthrough but it was more than enough to make me try again and again, getting a little further on each attempt.  I have since changed my initial thought that this was a “runner” game and rather would classify it as an endurance game since there is only one try to get the highest score possible.

The developers, Gamelion, have made I Must Run! an excellent game for those that loved Canabalt but wanted a few more game elements thrown in.  Even at the non-member price of $3.99 this game will easily keep you amused, especially if you only have one hand free to play a game.

I give I Must Run! a 4/5

Written by Bryan

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