Move vs. Kinect

Move vs Kinect

With all eyes on the motion controlled battle that is gearing up between Microsoft and Sony, its hard not to start weighing the options and putting your bets in.  During E3 this year Microsoft unleashed its campaign for the “Kinect” with the help of Cirque Du Soleil and lots of hands on demos.  Sony on the other hand stuck to the press conference to tote “Move” and several surprise demo sessions that popped up around the country months before E3.  There were a couple of swift jabs to the Kinect from Sony, saying that you can’t play games without a controller in your hands (ahem..Kevin Butler) .  But after the dust settled and both sides showed off all the demos they had to offer, we are left having to decide who to choose (or not choose).

Kinect with Xbox 360 S

Kinect is something new to the motion gaming scene that Nintendo started.  With the use of their specialized camera, Kinect allows the gamer to play with only their body.  It’s meant to be a more interactive experience then waving or pointing a controller at the screen.  But it has its disadvantages.  First, the device is a bit larger then most people realize.  When looking at photos of it standing next to an Xbox 360 one can begin to see how the device might not blend into their living room setup, unlike the Wii sensor bar.  But this is purely an aesthetic issue.  Second, the controls are not 1-to-1 yet.  This may be fixed with further development but I am a bit skeptical.  This is a huge concern because if you are playing with your own body you are expecting your onscreen self to mirror you in real time.  Once the smallest lag is detected the immersion is lost and you might as well still be playing with your Wii.

Playstation Move

The Move is being criticized as simply a Wiimote in HD.  Looking beneath the surface you will find a bit more going on though.  First,  instead of being mapped by IR sensors, Sony is utilizing the Playstation Eye camera to capture your movements.  This not only allows for X/Y axis movement but also Z-axis.  In addition the camera can track your head movement as well, creating a virtual skeleton of your body.  Kinect can also do this but I believe having the sensors in your hands creates a more accurate model.  The disadvantages for Sony is that people are already spotting similarities to the Wii and may think nothing new is being created.

In the end it is up to the developers to utilize these new technologies to create unique and fun experiences.  Hopefully this will translate to games for the hardcore audience as well, instead of the majority of casual gamers that are catered to on the Wii.

Have you made up your decision yet on the next motion controller?  Let us hear your thoughts in the comments.

Written by Bryan

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