Miles Edgeworth ObjectionA little game called Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney debuted in North America back in 2005. For those of you lucky to pick up a copy, you were rewarded with a game that literally showed you why you needed to own Nintendo’s new portable console the DS. Now 4 sequels later we are graced with the 5th game in the series. This time staring prosecutor Miles Edgeworth. This game differs a little from its predecessors in that you can actually move the characters around in this game. I have now played through 4 cases and I can safely say that if you are an ace attorney fan you will love this game. It is everything I hoped it would be and more! Even though Phoenix and Apollo are out, Miles is a great lead character. His sidekicks Kay Faraday and Dick Gumshoe are a blast also! If you are a fan of the series grab this game immediately!

Written by Kyo13 

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