A Brutal Review of Legends


The Metal!!!!!!!!!

            When I first heard about Brutal Legend I was very excited because it was  a combination of my two favorite things, videogames and heavy metal music. Later I was reading reviews and general opinions of the game and i noticed that the game received favorable scores. Now I had read enough and I was ready to play the game. When I popped the game in I was very impressed with the the Jack Black live action beginning. And as I entered this metal world it really did look like it was taken directly from the cover of a metal album. Our main character is a roadie of a metal band in the future and he is mystically transported to this heavy metal world. I found this character Eddie Riggs to be very cool, in fact I loved all the characters. They look like they were taken straight from the 80’s and it was brilliant giving them names that are actually names of real heavy metal icons. Your ability to summon your car, the Deuce, and use both your axes (for those of you who don’t know metal, a guitar is also called an axe) to rain down the pain on demons was cool. You can upgrade your car and weapons in the motor forge thanks to the god of metal (Ozzy Osbourne). So basically the game is a big beat um up/slash fest! Wrong! apparently the developer Double Fine decided to dabble in the RTS realm.

            This was what caused the game’s value to drop in my opinion. You start with a stage and from there you start building your forces. You also must build merchandise booths around fan geysers. It all sounds strange but that is how it goes. Your goal is to make all the fan geysers yours and then crush the enemy stage. The real negative part of this is the fact that it gets very tedious and boring. You will often find yourself building and rebuilding your merch booths and constantly replenishing your forces. An the real problem is that these battles occur regularly and they slow the pace of the game to a crawl. One battle alone took me two hours to win. I fully believe that Double Fine made a mistake including these RTS moments in the game. This is not enough for me to tell you not to play the game but be warned. You are going to need to devote large portions of time to these battles.

            In the end I would recommend this game to almost anyone and definitely metal fans. You just need to understand what the game is, a hybrid of a beat um up and RTS game.

Written by Kyo13

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