A Walk On The Darkside


War Hates Puzzles

I recently completed the game Darksiders.  While most of the gaming press decided to knock this game for being unoriginal, I have a different complaint.

First let me state that I enjoyed the game and will be purchasing the sequel. My issue with the game was the length. Darksiders is an action game in typical GOW fashion. Therefore I would expect the experienced gamer to beat it in 5-10 hours.  I finished playing the game in a shade under 21 hours, and that is ridiculous.

The game got very boring and repetitive towards the end. I mean after going through dungeon after dungeon I was ready to fight the end boss. Instead they give you a fetch quest. That was so unfair. In the end I do feel the game is worth your gaming dollars but here’s hoping the sequel is cut by 5-7hrs. If you are ready to put the time in, you will enjoy the game just be warned that this is of RPG length not typical action game length.

Written by Kyo13

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