Has Final Fantasy Jumped The Shark?

FFXIII Jumps The Shark


Having been a fan of the Final Fantasy series for a long time now, the newest installment has been something I have been waiting for with anticipation.  Sony has had a slow start to release JRPGs on it’s console in the US.  Last generation PS2 was known to be the console for RPG fans.  Many countless franchises, both good and bad, had their start on the PS2.  But this generation seemed to have a great void where Sony once thrived.

Microsoft has landed a couple of excellent JRPGs, trying ever so hard to gain some appeal in the land of the rising sun.  But Sony has focused more on the FPS genre, maybe thinking to take away some of the success the Xbox built it’s self on.

But I digress, Final Fantasy XIII is the first of the series to reach the new generation of consoles, this time hitting both PS3 and Xbox 360.  While that was a first for Square Enix, the last five main games have been Sony exclusives, I came to find that should be the least of my worries.

So much has changed with the Final Fantasy Formula (FFF).  No longer are you given control of your party members.  No longer do you traverse world maps and towns and shops.  No longer to you go off on side quests to earn rare items (at least not during the first 10 hours of gameplay).  The developers have taken some many elements away from the game that we have become familiar with, that only it’s story feels vaguely like a Final Fantasy game.  It’s really disappointing after waiting so long to play another excellent Final Fantasy, only to be given a game where my hand is held throughout the game and sometimes I’m given the chance to think and play.

I worry that Square-Enix has “jumped the shark” on the final fantasy series.  They seem to have this thought that gamers what a more action oriented game with less choice and selection of moves.  But all I really want as a fan of Final Fantasy is god-damn Final Fantasy that I have grown to know and love.

Have you had a chance to play FFXIII yet?  Are you upset with the new direction the series has taken?  Or do you feel this is a refreshing change of pace from the JRPG style?

Written by Bryan

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  1. Chaos says:

    I also have been a huge fan of the FF series for quite some time now. The FF games first showed me the world of JRPG’s (or really what I think of any time I think ‘RPG’) but with the last several installments my faith in the series has went down hill a lot. X2 just made me kinda sad, XI cause a bit of me to die inside(although never actually played it), and I couldn’t finish XII. From what I have heard of XIII its not a bad game its just doesn’t have the Final Fantasy feel to it at all (kinda how Unforgiven 3 just doesn’t feel like an Unforgiven song for any Metallica fans out there). In fact I have had trouble finding good JRPG’s anywhere the last couple years. I have seen a lot of American RPG’s like Dragon Age, and a lot of Action games like Devil May Cry and God of War, and a lot of MMO’s but no JPRG’s. And I have to say i really makes me sad. It feels like the whole JRPG sub-genre is dieing…….

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    • Bryan says:

      The best bet for finding good JRPG’s lately will be on the handheld systems. Most companies have focused their 2-d adventures and RPG’s on the DS and PSP. It would be nice to have a next-gen title without a push for high energy and cinematics, but i think you will only find the old style of games on the handhelds for awhile.

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