Review: Honey Badger Don’t Care

If you spend any part of your day browsing funny videos on YouTube then most likely you stumbled across The Crazy Nastyass Honey Badger which features a hilarious commentary by Randall.  The video became one of the most viewed of last year and spurred an internet meme that can be seen on everything from t-shirts to mentions in TV shows.  Seeing the massive popularity that the honey badger has now gathered, developer MEDL Mobile decided to make a game narrated by the YouTube star himself, Randall.

Developed for both iOS and Android platforms, Honey Badger Don’t Care is a side scrolling action game where you take control of the honey badger to eat your way to victory.  Controls are simple with a touch analog pad on one side and an ‘eat’ button on the other.  The controls can be reversed in the settings menu so southpaws can enjoy this game too.  The movement is fluid and I found it easy to move my badger around to eat what I want (badger just eats what he wants).

The game progresses from the right side of the screen to the left automatically, so food and obstacles are always coming at you.  You start the game with three lives, four health points (indicated by paws) and a hunger bar.  As you move through each level your hunger/stamina will begin to drop and you must replenish it by eating mice, scorpions, snakes and beehives.  Obstacles will come at you like rolling boulders or vines that trap you.  If you get hit by these or bitten by a snake you lose one health point.  Lose them all and you lose a life and fall asleep.  Quickly tapping the honey badger will continue the game unless you lose all your lives.

But there are other things that will keep you running all day.  Whenever you see a mound of dirt you can tap the ‘eat’ button to dig it up and possibly reveal a green or pink mouse.  The green mice if eaten will grant you one health point back while the pink mice will greatly restore your hunger meter.  This makes the mice life savers when you have reached some of the later levels.  With each passing level/day you will continue to speed up making if more difficult to dodge and eat animals.  Each stage ends with a boss fight which is a larger version of one of the animals and requires multiple bites to defeat.  After that it’s onto the bonus stage.

All of this gameplay is filled with a massive amount of commentary from Randall.  This includes small tutorial points in the beginning as well as crude humor throughout the game.  It’s obvious that having Randall himself do special voice over for the game was a focal point, seeing as it’s mentioned on the game’s title screen and was the inspiration behind the game.  So it’s unfortunate that after only a few plays through it all begins to get very repetitive.  Luckily this doesn’t take away too much from the addictive nature of the game.  As with any game I play on my mobile phone, I look for apps that are quick and easy to pick up and can be played in short bursts.  Honey Badger excels at this making me aim for a higher score each time.  There is also a laundry list of achievements to go after which range from eating a specific number of animals to trying to avoid sleeping on a certain day.

MEDL Mobile offers both censored ($0.99) and uncensored ($1.99) versions of the game so if you think your kid might enjoy the gameplay but is too young for the crude humor than the censored app is an option.  Overall I think this game is a worthwhile purchase and will tide you over during those long toilet breaks.


I give Honey Badger Don’t Care a 3.5 / 5

Written by Bryan

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