Sit Sam Has Kinect! Unboxing Video

I walked into my local Best Buy today and was surprised to see that the Xbox 360 aisle had stacks and stacks of Kinects.  Just the previous week I was at that same store (as well as some others) to find Kinect was sold out everywhere.  I was not the least surprised, as Microsoft’s ad campaign was full force for the device.  Airing on Oprah, Ellen and several news outlets, the new console accessory is now on the minds of millions of Americans.  More importantly it’s on the minds of the non-gaming public,  the millions that bought a Nintendo Wii several years ago.

But seeing stacks of the device the following week was a surprise.  Maybe I arrived just after a new shipment but I am hearing similar results on other forums.  So I found myself at the checkout counter with Kinect in tow, with the excuse that this is for our readers to stay properly informed on all gaming products.

I will be following up with my hands-on experience with Kinect Adventures, but I can say I honestly had fun.  It is still exactly what I experienced during the store demo, with lag and gimmicky gameplay, but I found a smile on my face by the end of my first game.  Maybe this is all Microsoft wants, rather than a detailed in-depth game.  Let us know if you have Kinect what your thoughts are.  Are you having fun? Or do you regret your purchase?

Written by Bryan

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