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Recently we made the trip to PAX East to explore all the new and exciting games coming in the future. One game that stood out early among the rest was Slam Bolt Scrappers being developed by a MIT spin-off group Fire Hose Games.The game first caught my attention with the bright colors and pure chaos happening all over the screen.  I had no clue what was going on.  But just after one play through the game rules were easy to understand.  The basic gameplay involves a co-op 2 vs. 2 battle (at least during the demo).  The teams are made up of, what looks like, construction workers and Greek gods.  You take control of your flying man and punch the living crap out of what I can only describe as cthulhus(see reference).


These creatures when they die yield a tetrominoe with one of three colors.  The colors represent a specific weapon type (bomb, laser, rocket).  When you for a square of the same colors on your side of the screen these blocks turn into the matching weapon.  The bigger the block the bigger the weapon.  If you haven’t lost me yet, this is where the mayhem ensues.  Your weapon blocks will automatically shoot at your opponents tower, trying to destroy anything they have built.  If their tower is completely destroyed, you win.  But you also have to defend your own tower in the process.  You can accomplish this by punching the enemy directly, thereby killing them and stealing any block they may have in hand.  It’s a fast struggle to manage your own tower while stopping the enemy from building theirs.

Punch Your Enemies, It Feels Good

I had a brief interview with Eitan Glinert, Creative Director of Slam Bolt Scrappers, to learn a little bit more of this addictive title.

Bryan: “First off, the demo at PAX East was a great co-op experience. Your site mentions there being epic bosses. Is there a single player component to Slam Bolt Scrappers?

Eitan: “There will be a 1-4 player co-op campaign that will feature levels (think Castle Crashers). So that will effectively be a single player campaign.

Bryan: “The characters seem to be a mix of construction workers and Greek gods. Where did you come up with the character designs and is there any story to this insanity going on in Slam Bolt City?

Eitan: “There is! But we’re holding off on that for now. Stay tuned!

Bryan: “How long has this game been in development?

Eitan: “Good question! It’s actually been a year, but there has been a *lot* of iteration in that time. This is actually the 6th version of the game if you can believe it! Unfortunately 1-5 weren’t that great, luckily we were able to keep jamming until we found the right mixture.

There seems to be a lot more to reveal about this game, which means it can only get better.  Eitan also said that there are more block types, enemies and objectives planned for the final version that were not shown in the demo.  So if you always wished your tetris pieces came installed with heavy artillery then this is the game to keep an eye out for.  I personally can’t wait.

Written by Bryan

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  1. Hamu-chan says:

    ooow! I like this too. I tried this demo at PAX too. Very easy to control and understand. I deffently looking forward for more information about this!

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