Tekken 6


Tekken is back in its sixth installment in the series. With a plethora of fighters, including some new ones this time, the Iron Fist Tournament continues.

One of the first things you’ll notice in this game is a new story mode. Some may remember a similar mode from previous Tekken games (Tekken 4?). Its remeniscent of a 3-D Final Fight or, if some people remember, The Bouncer from the early PS2 years. You play as Lars and must fight hordes of generic soldiers and the occasional main character. While Tekken fans will enjoy the new plot lines, the mode feels like a tacked on extra but is touted as the main feature. Unfortunately if you don’t like this mode you still have to play through it to unlock all of the ending movies for each character.

Overall the same fighting mechanics are there and even old Tekken fans will still enjoy a versus match.

My quick bark: 4/5

Written by Bryan 

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  1. CHI says:

    I loved playing this game.
    im a big fan of Tekken.
    I loved the story mode and loved Lars, even though my favotite character is always Hwoarang……
    I was not too happy about the special book that came with the box. There had only one page about Hwoarang..
    Except that the book is awsome, they have all the characters from the first Tekken to the sixth. Very coloful and nice to remember the old days playing with those characters….

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