What In The “Final Fantasy” Happened?!

Lightning Has Some Party Issues

Lightning Has Some Party Issues

After 40 hours of paradigm shifting and constant saving, I have finally completed Final Fantasy XIII.  It had its ups and downs (more downs than ups) but in the end it was exactly what I asked for, a Final Fantasy game.  But what I asked for and what I hoped for are two different things.

As many sites have stated,  the gameplay is very linear during the first 20 hours.  From the beginning until chapter 11 you are given very few choices.  You can’t choose your party members. You can’t do much in terms of leveling. And you can’t walk 5 feet without another save post popping up.  This would all be fine except for the fact that it goes on for 20 HOURS!  All this time feels like a massive tutorial and far from what most gamers wanted for a Final Fantasy game.

One of my biggest complaints is that you never feel like you’re controlling a party.  Because of the new “Paradigm System” you instead give your teammates their job class and they do what ever the hell they want.  This becomes a problem when you try to heal your teammates, but instead end up casting cure on fully healed teammates because someone else beat you to it.  This also creates a problem when you want save your main character from near death.  Why do I get “Game Over” immediately when my leader dies?!

Once you pass into chapter 11 you immediately become overwhelmed by the vast new region to explore.  At first I was excited because finally I can start doing some level-grinding and exploring.  But then you soon realize most of the enemies are too strong to beat.  In fact,  almost all of the Gran Pulse region’s side quests can only be completed once you BEAT THE GAME!

Square Enix, why does it seem you don’t listen to your fans?  Your fans want the gameplay they have grown to love.

Now that I have beaten the game I feel unmotivated to complete the extra content.  I used to enjoy the games where you would spend hours just before the final boss, leveling-up and completing every last quest.  That gave a real sense of completion.

One things for sure, next time a Final Fantasy gets released I’m going to be a lot less excited.

Written by Bryan

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