Xbox 360 Slim or “S” Unboxing

Xbox 360 S

Shiny and New

Last Friday I was lucky enough to grab the last Xbox 360 Slim from my local GameStop.

After debating whether it was worth it or not to upgrade to the slim and shiny new model,  I decided trading in my original launch system was a pretty good deal.  Considering it was on its last legs and that I could get the new model for only $90 more (Thanks Mike Fahey) it was a deal I couldn’t pass up.

First thing you notice when undressing the new Microsoft spawn is they have covered it in air vents.  The top, bottom and right side are all covered in vents and its insides feel much more exposed then before.  Microsoft definitely does not want to be dealing with overheating issues this time around.

Xbox 360 Slim System Comparison

Left to Right: Xbox 360 Slim, Xbox 360 Elite, PS3 60G, PS3 Slim

The system has a glossy finish and can be easily compared to the launch PS3 design choices.  Just like the early models of PS3, the new Xbox 360 has a touch sensitive chrome power button and a touch sensitive eject button.  It looks nice in the entertainment center but will need some cleaning from finger prints from time to time.

The system feel significantly lighter (2.9kg) compared to the old model (3.5kg).  No longer available are the memory unit ports.  This is due to the fact that Microsoft now allows you to utilize a thumb drive for data and game saves.  And that may also be why there are 2 more USB ports on this system then previous models.  There are 3 ports on the back and 2 in the front hidden behind a small door.

One significant upgrade gamers might not notice until they receive their first electric bill.  Over at Anandtech they run through the power consumption of each system.  Even when running idle the system shows a significant decrease in power draw.

Final thing to note is the proprietary port that will be utilized by the Kinect when it is released this November.  All Xbox systems will be able to use the Kinect but older models will need to utilize a adapter dongle that will come with the system.  This is because the Kinect will draw more power then the USB port provides.  If you have an older model you will need to also plug it into an AC outlet (Joystiq).

So overall I think this system is a decent improvement but if you recently purchased an Xbox 360 you should be happy and content that your system is not suddenly obsolete.

Check out the unboxing video below and let us know if you picked up the new system yourself.

Written by Bryan

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  1. ERGO-D says:

    I still don’t see a cup holder.

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  2. Paige Bagwell says:

    Ryan wants one so bad he’s thinking of trading in his RE5 red console lol but our Game Stop here hasn’t had any available, they’re all reserved.

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    • Bryan says:

      That’s not fair. All the gamestops here were just first come first serve. They are taking reserves now for the next batch though. I love the system though. It definitely has a nice feel to it, like the old PS3 model had.

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    • Paige Bagwell says:

      Our Halo mod box just RROD’d so now he really really really wants one lol. He’ll get one eventually. The red one works, mine works so we’re still good on systems to play on at least.

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  3. Sorana Gatej says:

    Wow, this almost makes me want to get one. Great review! I truly hope the extra vents will help with the systems’ longevity.

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