My Official Halo: Reach Review (Spoilers)

Halo Reach Review

I hope our readers don’t feel deceived by the information in the follow paragraphs.  Last week i managed to complete the Halo: Reach campaign on the Heroic difficulty. I imagine many people have already done the same.  Unlike the many sites that have already gone to great lengths to give a detailed review of the Spartan Noble team inside and out, that is not what I’m going to talk about here.

My review is a bit different.  It’s less a review and more of a single experience that has scarred me, at least for a week.  I thoroughly enjoyed the story portrayed in Reach and having not read the books, but already knowing much of what events transpired, it may have given me less of a sour taste then some reviews seem to be describing.  But it was not until the last moment on Reach that I experienced an almost game breaking glitch.

Warning: This is where the spoilers start!

I was making my way to the mass drive cannon to take down the giant Covenant Cruiser, and as I approached the last couple of Elite covenant I kept getting my ass handed to me.  I decided at one point to make a bee-line straight for the cannon and I made it!  But as soon as I attempted to take down the Covenant phantoms I found myself dead once again, killed by one of the Elites I left behind.  I thought this meant I was going to have to make another run but instead I was right back at the cannon.

Halo Reach mass cannon

I Was Trapped With A Big Ass Gun

A checkpoint had been saved at the base of the cannon.  I was excited, I was relieved, I was…dead again.  I soon realized that the Elites I left behind were still alive and I had triggered the end sequence.  This meant I was constantly on a countdown timer with the Covenant Cruiser.  If I took too long to kill the Elites, I was dead.  If I hopped into the cannon to take down the phantoms, I was dead.  After almost 30 attempts, with my hands clenched around the controller, I experienced a game-related injury.

Halo Reach injury

This Is My Helo: Reach Review B#$!@%$!

As you can see I have been scarred and thus the purpose of this review story.  I managed to cause bodily harm from the sharp edges surrounding the Xbox 360 controller’s bumper (surprisingly sharp if you never noticed). Rather then starting the level over,  I continued to start from the god-forsaken checkpoint because I knew the end was only a hair away.  But this review story has a happy ending.  Because the ending sequence was triggered, I waited for the Cruiser to get close enough, hopped in the cannon at the last minute and took one shot at its core for the win.

While results may vary, this got me thinking of other games that resulted in me being stuck due only to a failed game design.  So does anybody have any experiences like this?  Let us know what game really bugged you because of a bug.

Written by Bryan

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