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This bunch of sushi-stuffed maniacs and carpal tunnel victims pour their hearts and souls (or in Kyo13’s case other people’s souls) into every post.  This is the Sit Sam Staff!

Bryan (Owner, Author, Editor-in-Chief, Gamer)

  • I created this site simply as a way to bring other like minded gamers together and be able to share my thoughts and opinions about the games I play.  Inspired by others like CheapyD of Cheap Ass Gamer, I jumped into the project head first and soon came up with what you see today.  Interested in games, anime, and technology growing up, I can always trace some childhood memory to one of these.  The Atari 2600, originally something my parents bought for themselves, is the root of my favorite hobby.  From there it was NES, SNES, Genisis, N64, PS, Dreamcast, PS2, Xbox 360, Wii and PS3.  I will never “grow-up” from videogames as many people have always asked me.  So I hope you enjoy reading our thoughts and opinions and as always, share your thoughts here, because without you we’d just be talking to ourselves.
  • Contact:  Bryan (at) SitSam (dot) com

Kyo13 (Contributing Editor, Gamer)

  • Who is the mysterious writer Kyo13? He is a lover of video games! Kyo13 spends most of his free time gaming and he has done so for a long time! He will never forget the life altering day his gaming life changed forever when he witnessed a commercial for a very special game. After laying eyes on the Final Fantasy 7 commercial from Squaresoft (now SquareEnix), a game that is renowned as the greatest JRPG of all time, he knew what he had to do. Ever since that day he has been at the forefront of gaming and he beleives gaming will save the world!

Andrew (Contributing Editor, Gamer)

  • Since I was young, two of my favorite hobbies have been gaming and writing, and now thanks to Sit Sam, I have the chance to combine the two. Like many of our generation, the Nintendo Entertainment System was my first gaming console, but looking back I cannot point to a game or system that set me on this long path. Rather, it was in the primal video arcades, which dotted the New England coastline in the mid-to-late 80’s. It is the fond memories of flashing lights, a ker-chunking pocketful of quarters, and the cool feel of the joystick that keeps me gaming to this day.
  • Read more from Andrew on his personal blog at andrewpolewarczyk.com

Hamu-Chan (Contributing Editor, Import Games Reviewer, Gamer)

  • If you’re quick and have a good eye you may spot the rare Japanese roborovski hamster, Hamu-Chan.  She has settled in at SitSam, and like all of us, loves video games.  Always wanting to be on the leading edge, she imports many of her games from Japan.  Her favorite system is the DS but she also loves her PS3.  But whatever she does, she will always be KAWAII!!

Sam (Contributing Editor, Mascot, Dog)

  • Star of SitSam and “Gamer’s Best Friend”, Sam quickly jumped on board and took the position of Team Mascot.  While some of his more respectable activities include chasing his tail and drinking out of the toilet bowl, he would say his favorite activity is cheering on his Owner while watching him beat the latest video game.  Just don’t ever try to play Nintendogs in front of him, he gets jealous.

T-Moto T-Moto (Artist of “Gamer’s Best Friend”)

  • T-Moto has been placing Sam in his own show using his talented artistic skills.  Coming from Atlanta, T-Moto has a bachelor’s degree in ass kicking.  He loves tossing frisbees, eating in general, and listening to his most beloved rock band, B’z.
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